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 "If you're not learning, you're not being coached...YOU'RE BEING BOSSED AROUND.
GOOD coaches want you to learn and THINK FOR YOURSELF. BAD coaches want you to be CODEPENDENT."  

~Dani Shugart

Head Coach - Ray DeGrendel

Ray's Gym is Iosco county's premier personal, athletic and post rehabilitation training facility. 
Ray has over four decades of extensive experience in personal and athletic strength and conditioning coaching experience. Ray began training elite athletes in the early 70's as a hockey and strength and conditioning coach. In all, Ray has held the following fitness and sports related positions:

  • Certified Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach  
  • Certified PN1 Nutrition Coach
  • Master Level & Level-5 Ice Hockey Coach
  • Former College Hockey Head Coach
  • Former Head Coach & General Manager of 3-Junior "A" Hockey Teams
  • Former Coaching Instructor for U.S.A. Hockey
  • Professional Power & Game Situation Hockey Skating Instructor
  • Over 40-years experience as a Gym, Health Club and Ice Arena General Manager
  • Current owner of Ray's Gym 
  • Current owner of Xtreme Fitness Training

In Ray's has had the privilege of coaching 50+ hockey players who have gone on to play professional hockey at all levels, including 3-first round National Hockey League (NHL) draft picks, 3-Team U.S.A. Olympians and 5 Team U.S.A. Junior players (including his eldest son Ryan.) Ray has coached players from all over the world.

Over the course of 25 years coaching hockey, Ray has lead his teams to numerous championships at the highest levels, including but not limited to one world championship, two national championships, three national championship runners up, five Michigan state titles and virtually too many tournament and league championships to count.

Ray uses his 45+ years of training experience helping others reach their athletic and fitness goals, yet continues to be an avid student of athletic, fitness and therapy training and techniques beacause as he says...

"It's what you learn after you know it all that makes you the best at your profession."

Brittany Joyce Transformation

"It’s better to weigh more with less body fat than it is to weigh less with more body fat." 

Additionally, Ray has managed, operated and owned numerous health and fitness facilities around metro Detroit and northeastern Michigan.  
Tim Tirado - MMA Win
Ray's Gym MMA fighter and  trainee, Tim Tarado, 
after winning an MMA bout in Cadillac Michigan.

Alex Peters Signing Softball Letter of Intent with EMURay's trainee, Alex Peters and her parents Craig & Tamera after signing her Letter of intent to play Division One softball for Eastern Michigan University. 

Alex Peters - Eagle Award

  • won (as a freshman) the only award (Eagle Award) given to an Eastern Michigan University Softball Player at the season ending banquet. 
  • is currently studying to be a dentist.
  • was an honors student athlete maintaining a 4.0 GPA. 
  • was awarded a partial scholarship prior to the 2016/17 school year.

Ray's background, knowledge and experience allowed him to transition into the fitness training field over 40 years ago... before there was a thing we now refer to as "personal training." Ray has had more personal and group training experience than all other trainers in northern Michigan combined! 

Mitch Lewis Bench Press

Mitch Whitford Squat

Ray's vast knowledge and experience in the health, fitness and nutrition 
fields have helped Ray's Gym grow in to the largest and fastest growing gym and fitness club in Oscoda and northeastern Michigan. 

Ben Fordam in Costa Rica
Ray's Gym Member and Kalamazoo College football player, Ben Forham showing off his Ray's Gym shirt while visiting a hot sweaty gym in Costa Rica where temperatures exceeded 100 degrees!

As a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Fitness Trainer, Ray's clients include men and women in all age groups, looking to lose weight and improve their quality of life. 

Crossfit competitors, MMA fighters, Triathletes, Powerlifters, Women's Figure and Pageant competitors, High School and College Athletes in numerous sports, weekend warriors and post rehabilitation patients have all benefited from Ray's teaching and coaching.

"Going to the gym isn't necessarily about liking to workout “in the moment.” 

It's about being consistent and making a habit out of working out on the days you want to, or not.  

That's what builds a sense of self-discipline, well being and confidence. 

Over time, with patience and persistence you'll find that the cumulative progress of your training makes everything worthwhile.”

Please call or email us for personal and/or group training schedules, rates and times. [email protected]