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Sugar and Weight Loss: How Sugar Affects Your Weight Loss Goals
How to Set Up a Diet for Fat Loss (A Comprehensive Guide)
Why You Shouldn't Ice After a Workout
5 Useless Rehab Methods Still Widely Used
5 Fat Loss Myths That Are Wasting Your Time and Energy


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Sugar and Weight Loss: How Sugar Affects Your Weight Loss Goals

 Sweet Defeat | November 6, 2018
Perhaps the biggest topic in health and wellness these days is sugar and how to cut back on consuming it. For ages, the average adult would add a spoonful of sugar here and there to food— it never seemed like a big deal. But over time, food manufacturers started adding sugar to just about everything in the grocery store, even foods that you don’t think of as sweet, like crackers and spaghetti sauce.

How to Set Up a Diet for Fat Loss (A Comprehensive Guide)

How to Set Up a Diet for Fat Loss 
(A Comprehensive Guide)

This is a comprehensive guide that outlines how to set up the basic structure for a fat loss diet.

In this article, we will cover the following:
·         Identifying and prioritizing what is important and what isn’t
·         How to determine caloric intake
·         How to determine macronutrient intake

Why You Shouldn't Ice After a Workout

Why You Shouldn't Ice After a Workout

January 28, 2016
If you step into any sports training facility, you might see some exhausted athletes lying in a tub of ice after a workout. The ice bath has been around for years, but lately it has become a hot trend in recovery techniques.

Some facilities specialize in cryotherapy, which is the use of hyper-cool temperatures to speed up the healing process in soft tissue and joints.

These techniques are especially popular among athletes, and it seems that icing after workouts has become a standard method of recovery.

5 Useless Rehab Methods Still Widely Used

5 Useless Rehab Methods Still Widely Used

Athletes are always looking for the next trick—whatever can heal their bodies faster and get them ready for competition. But there's a lot of misinformation out there.

Here are five commonly used rehab and regeneration methods that are ineffective, and what you could be doing instead.

1. Kinesio Tape
Taping is a regular part of many athletes' routine, but Kinesio tape is something else entirely. Kinesio tape first made waves during the 2008 Summer Olympics, and prominent athletes like 

5 Fat Loss Myths That Are Wasting Your Time and Energy

5 Fat Loss Myths that are Wasting
Your Time and Energy  

This article originally appeared on the InBody Blog and can be found here:
Making a change in body composition comes down to two different goals: losing Fat Mass and gaining Lean Body Mass.  While everyone has a different body composition and will focus on these two goals differently, at the end of the day, everyone has to work on these goals to change their body composition.

How Weight Training Helps Women Lose Weight

You Think Lifting Weights Make You Huge?
FALSE – Eating Cupcakes Makes You Huge!
How Weight Training 
Helps Women Lose Weight (Fat)

When we workout, especially if we’re seeking fat loss and a change in body composition, we want to chase a hormonal effect from exercise rather than an amount of calories burned.  Our hormones run the show and dictate everything our bodies do.

Strength training creates the most positive hormonal environment in our bodies conducive to fat loss. It also helps to boost our metabolism, which slow, steady-state cardio doesn’t do.

How I Quit Weekend Overeating.

How I Quit Weekend Overeating

5 strategies that helped me ditch the bingeing, guilt, and extra weight.

In my world, weekend overeating (and over-boozing) was ‘just what people did’. But when I let go of weekday food rules, the cycle broke. I dropped the guilt, improved my health, and lost weight.
I used to overeat like a boss.
True story.
Sure, I was “good” all week.
But weekend overeating? That was my jam.
Every Friday around 5pm, as I waited for the bus after work, I’d start to salivate.

9 Fat Loss Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

9 Fat Loss Mistakes You Don’t Realize 
You’re Making

Rest assured, this isn’t the typical listicle article filled with overdone, regurgitated tips you see splashed on magazines. That’s why the title is appropriately 9 Fat Loss MistakesYou Don’t Realize You’re Making.    

Can you attest to this: trying to lose fat is a miserable process?

Embarking on a fat loss journey falls on a scale somewhere between this sucks and screw this my life is miserable because, let’s face it, no one claims to be having the time of their life when on a fat loss mission.

8-Muscle Building and Leaning Rules for Women

8-Muscle Building and
Leaning Rules for Women
What’s up with “toning?”  Toning simply means using resistance exercises (routines) to increase muscle density and lean out the body enough that the underlying muscle becomes more visible; in effect, building lean muscle burns more fat.  A muscle is toned by nature, however the amount of fat on top varies, as does the amount of subcutaneous water being retained, hence the puffy and/or “bulky” look.  What we really want is visible muscle definition with little fat, resulting in smaller overall arms, legs and torso.

Energy & Calorie Density

Here's an excellent article on nutrition by the world renowned Head Professor of my Nutrition Certification Course,PrecisionNutrition.Ray

Energy & Calorie Density: 
What are your 4 pounds made of?
 By John Berardi, PHD; Ryan Andrews; MS, MA, RD

People generally eat between 3 and 5 pounds of food each day. If we prioritize natural, whole foods, the 4 pounds we choose will fill us up while boosting health and lowering body fat. If we choose “junk or processed food”…