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Adult Members 24/7 Access

Regular Office Hours:

Monday - Wednesday - Friday - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm or by appointment

Tuesday & Thursday: 3:00 pm - 5:30 / 6:00 pm or by appointment

Saturday: By appointment only - before noon 989-305-7306

Sunday: Office closed

For questions or appointments, call or text Ray directly at 989-305-7306.

Ray will answer the phone!

  • The doors are locked at all times for security purposes.

  • Office Hours are subject to change without notice - please call ahead.

  • 3 to 14 day passes are available for Out-of-Town Visitors. Call or text in advance for rates.

  • Individual and small groups (3-or less)

Personal & athletic training by USAH Master Trainer, CPT & CPN Nutritionist

Ray DeGrendel (48 years training Pro, Olympic, College, HS athletes, & the general public.)

"Where Old School Fitness...

Merges with New"


Ray's Gym is focused offering high quality fitness, individual, group, athletic and post rehab training along with nutritional guidance to ensure complete member satisfaction. The Ray's Gym is committed to doing everything we can to meet all of your fitness goals.


Ray's Gym takes pride in maintaining a clean, friendly atmosphere where everyone is treated like family. We offer a wide variety of  equipment for virtually every fitness need.


As soon as you enter, you'll notice that Ray's Gym has more to offer than your typical small town gym. At over 8,000 square feet, Ray's Gym is much more than a cramped "store-front" designer fit club.

Here are just a few things that Ray's Gym offers you:

  • 24/7 Adult Member Access - 365 Days a Year
  • Master Trainer with 49 years of experience training Pro & Amateur Athletes, Bodybuilder/Fit competitors, Power Lifters and the General Public.
  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Selectorized & Plate Loaded Resistance Machines
  • Treadmills, Bikes, Ellipticals, Steppers, Rowers, Nu-Step
  • Olympic Free Weights, Dumbbells and Kettlebells
  • Power Lifting, Suspension Trainer, Inertia Bands & Battle Ropes, Boxes, Heavy Bags Wrestling Mats
  • Bands, Stabilizer Balls, Foam Rollers
  • Med Balls, Jam Balls and BOSU Balls
  • Senior /Active Military & First Responder Discounts

As you can see, Ray's Gym has everything you need to get and stay in shape, no matter your age or fitness interest!

What's more, Ray's Gym is open 24/7 for adult member convenience. That means there's no excuse to miss a workout... even if you're from out-of-town!

If you need assistance reaching your health and/or fitness goals, Ray offers expert personal, athletic and post rehab training with over 49-years of experience. There isn't another fitness club in Michigan that can make that claim.

Affordable Rates

that Fit Any Budget!

Even as other local fitness clubs have doubled and tripled their membership and training rates, Ray has kept his rates much lower so they will fit virtually any budget. This means Ray's Gym allows more people access to a healthier lifestyle.

As Ray says...

"All the money in the world does you no good without your health. People who exercise regularly have a much better chance avoiding health issues, injuries and rehab. Moreover, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is much less expensive than the financial burden medical and rehab costs can place on you and your family ."

We always welcome suggestions and/or questions. Please feel free to contact us by using the "Contact Us" page or by calling us at 989-305-7306.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website.

Building view from U.S. 23 - Corner of Cedar Lake Road

4950 Cedar Lake Road ~ Oscoda, MI 48750

Mailing address: 518 Main Street ~ East Tawas, MI 48730 

Call or Text 989.305.7306 ~ 

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