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"If you're not learning, you're not being coached... you're being bossed around.

Good coaches want you to learn and think for yourself...

Bad coaches want you to be codependent."

~Dani Shugart

"Getting certified as a coach doesn't mean you've learned what you need to, it means you're ready to START learning.

If you act like you've seen it all as a new coach/trainer, you're in for a rocky career - with clients AND colleagues."

~Lee Boyce

"As a coach, it's what you learn... AFTER you know it all that makes you the best at what you do."

~Ray DeGrendel

Master Coach - Ray DeGrendel

"Education is when the mind expands, not when the mind memorizes." The only way to expand the mind is learning through experience."

Ray's Gym is Iosco county's premier personal, athletic and post rehab training facility.

Ray has over four decades of extensive experience as a strength and conditioning coach. He began training elite athletes in the early 70's as a hockey and strength and conditioning coach. In all, Ray has held the following fitness and sports related positions:

~Over 48 years of coaching and training experience.

~Strength & Conditioning Coach

~Master Level & Level-5 Ice Hockey Coach

~Former Minor Pro, College & Junior-A Hockey Head Coach & General Manager

~Game Situation Power Skating Instructor

~Current owner of Ray's Gym 


"Ray's Gym gave me the most life changing experience of losing weight. Losing weight changed my entire mindset. It gave me the confidence in my ability to accomplish whatever I set out to achieve. Ray's Gym holds a real special place in my heart! Seriously!" - Brittany J.


"It’s better to weigh more with less body fat than it is to be "skinny fat," which is weighing less with more body fat."


Ray's vast knowledge and experience in the health, fitness and nutrition as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Fitness Trainer, Ray's clients include men and women in all age groups, looking to lose weight and improve their quality of life.


Crossfit competitors, MMA fighters, Triathletes, Powerlifters, Women's Figure and Pageant competitors, High School and College Athletes in numerous sports, weekend warriors and post rehabilitation patients have all benefited from Ray's teaching and coaching.

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